ABA Services

  • ABA Therapy

    ABA Therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis) is a scientific application of the principles of behavior and learning to build and increase useful behaviors through methods such as positive reinforcement while reducing harmful behaviors through positively reinforced interventions.

    Our Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA’s) implement individualized behavioral plans to reduce problem behavior and improve functional communication and adaptive learning skills. We involve family in the therapy process via parent training and sibling interaction to educate family members as well as a means for your child to practice positive behavior. We work with you and your child’s schedule and needs to maximize the therapy plan.

  • Functional Assessment

    To start with, our board certified analysts asses your child by applying various techniques and strategies where we can identify important behavioral and social areas to address in therapy. An individualized treatment plane will then be design based on our specific findings.

  • Social Skills

    To improve their response to social situations, we show children how social minds work and how their behavior affects those around them. with ABA therapists in a Social Skills Groups. We work with children on perspective taking, enhancing conversation and play skills, and how to interact appropriately.

  • Family/Parent Training

    We work with Parents/Guardians and family to create treatment plans suitable for your child to help decrease problem behaviors at home. We involve you throughout your child’s ABA therapy, the more involved you are, the quicker your child’s skills develop.