Peak (Promoting Emergency of Advance Knowledge) is an evidence based assessment and corresponding curriculum that combines the traditional verbal behavior approach with the science of Derived Relational Responding. It is a curriculum that enables individuals to gain skills for free (without teaching) because of the way in which the teaching is mixed and combined, enabling learners to start using their own taught skills and strategies in order to learn new skills. PEAK is suitable for children ages 2 years up to 17 year of age.

PEAK offers a range of programs that cater to language acquisition need and cover aspects of language that include: Foundational learning skills (e.g. identifying and matching objects); Verbal comprehension skills (e.g. answering question); Verbal reasoning (e.g. when told a situation, how the student would respond); Memory (this includes pre-requisites for remembering past events) and math skills (e.g. working with quantity, numbers and money). As the curriculum moves from an early to a more advance stage, it becomes complex and language skills become more sophisticated. Learnt skills are combined and generalized, transformed and then combines with new skills.

PEAK works in teaching skills by combining skills so that learners do not focus on certain skills in isolation to enable learners to learn skills with more flexibility and then correlate these skills more easily, as one would if they were learning a new language more naturally. PEAK teaches aspects of language that may not be included in some of the other curriculum such as inferencing skills (reasoning given situation), perspective talking (putting one self in another person’s shoes) and advanced language comprehension skills within Math and Reading. It also ensures that skills learnt are generalized so that they can be performed in different setting, across different people and that they are maintained across time as skills are built on top of skills. PEAK is evidence based, which means that studies have been published within the PEAK lab demonstrating its efficacy.

The AIM Curriculum is an off shoot of the PEAK and students must be able to derive relationships in order to participate in the program. The AIM curriculum synthesizes Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and ABA, seeking to improve the lives of children with social and emotional challenges. For Social Skills AIM raises the bar for what best practices can be for children struggling with social discomfort, challenging behavior, and the daily struggles of life they must navigate. This text introduces and blends together the concept of Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis. Together the approach seeks to improve the lives of children with or without disabilities who struggle with social and emotional challenges.